I am a Brain Tumor Survivor!!!


My story #4

So with the boys back in school I made another appointment with my Gynocologist I was having problems with my hormones as well as headaches. I had already been told I was pre menopause and needed to have my medicine changed.My doctor asked about my migraines and wasn’t happy. He said he had done everything he could to help and said it was time I made an appointment with a neurologist. He gave me a refural.I made an appointment in the city with the recommended neurologist. I asked my sister to go with me.

The Doctor ended up prescribing me several new medicines and wanted me to have an MRI done as soon as possible. So a few days later I went into our local hospital for my first MRI. If you have never had one done they are absolutely no fun. Now imagine already being sensitive to noise and light and having to have your entire head in the machine.

The tech gave me ear plugs but that only cuts some of the noise. I had to have two done. For the second one I was given a shot that had dye in it. It would make anything they found noticeable. Now I had to wait to hear from my Doctor. Several days later I received a call from the Doctor’s office. The lady said she was his nurse and said she was calling with the results of the MRI. You have a tumor, you need to make an appointment to see the Doctor. Well I was stunned that she would just tell me over the phone. I think I just stared at the phone for a while after I hung up. My first thought was I must have misunderstood her.Surely she wouldn’t just tell meοΏΌsomethingΒ had my sister go with me to my next visit. We asked as many questions as we could. He said there was no need to have surgery it could be treated and monitored with the right medicines. When we left neither one of us knew what to say. My sister had seen me suffer and how much this had effected my life. I was not the same person I used to be. I was always on the run at work or with the kids and now I just wanted to hide in a dark quiet room. But I was going to give the new meds a shot. Things were not getting any better. So I did some research on the Internet. It was time for a second opinion. I got a copy of the MRI and took it with me to see a new neurologist. My sister when along. We decided to go in and have him look at the disc and get his opinion. I had already decide not to go back to the first Doctor.

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I am a Brain Tumor Survivor


My Story #2

The older I got my headaches got worse. About the time my baby Boy turned 3 they really started affecting my everyday life. I mentioned it to my Gynecologist and he gave me a prescription. That went on for a couple of years, the headaches got worse and I would get stronger prescriptions. By the time my youngest started kindergarten and my oldest started 9th grade the headaches had me very sick. They never stopped. They might ease up or get so bad I would have to lay down in the dark and not move a muscle. Try working in an office 8 to 5 with phones ringing and people in and out all day….I had problems with my vision at times or a metal taste in my mouth.The pain just would not STOP!!!

I am a Brain Tumor Survivor

My Story #3

Before I get started let me just explain how the pain feels. It Hurts Bad!! Any type if sound, light, any type of motion hurts. Blinking and even breathing hurts. Chewing food hurts. I would have blurred vision or no sight at all in my left eye. Your mouth tastes like you or eating a piece of metal.

I spent weekdays working and going to ballgames and practices. Both my boys played football, basketball and baseball year round. I’m very dedicated to watching them play. Able or not I was there for them. I spend most weekends in bed recuperating. Being a sick Mom took a toll on me as well as my family.

I Am A Brain Tumor Survivor

My Story #1

So, I’m an 8 YEAR survivor !!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒOn October 8th 2009 I had 2 benign meningiomas removed right above my left hair line. I went into surgery to have 1 removed but my Doctor found 2 instead, one behind the other.

Now I am tumor FREE !!!!!!! It has been a long painful journey. But the headaches that lead up to this are still a part of my everyday life.

Meningiomas are tumors that develop in the cells of the membrane that surrounds the brain.

As a kid I had ALOT of headaches. I carried aspirin with me everywhere I went. My Grandma (my mom’ s mom) also suffered from headaches. It was assumed I inherited them from her. She passed away when I was 10 years old. I can’t remember a time when she was headache free.

I feel that I need to write my story and share it for me to finish healing as well as to help anyone going thru the same thing. As I found out most people don’t want to **get involved or talk about an illness** Me included. It can be a lonely journey for anyone.