Today is a special day!!

The day I became a Mom

Part 1

Today my son turns 23 years old!!!!! WOW….OMG have I been a mom for that long ??? Where has the time gone? I still have so much to learn. We have had our ups and downs. Our highs and lows.We have laughed,we have cried.

He has one more semester in college then he is going to a physical therapy school for 2 more years. Which means technically we still support him financially. He still lives with us but he only comes home every few days or when he needs clean clothes. I still expect him to at least text me once a day so I know he’s still breathing. I get excited when he does decide to actually pick up the phone or stop by my office. I swear he grows alittle taller each time I see him (he’s over 6 ft, I’m only 5’3″ and that’s stretching it). I was 2 weeks over due and very bloated at my last appointment before he was born. So my Doctor decided I needed to be induced since I still hadn’t dialated any. I was scheduled to go in the hospital the following Monday at midnight. The next morning when the Doctor stopped in everything seemed OK. They had the I. V. drip going and he said to give it time. Tuesday went by and Wednesday was the same. I still hadn’t dilated. Our families where in and out. There was no reason for them to hang around. I was starting to have labor pains and slowly dialating by Wednesday evening. By Thursday I was somewhat out of it. I really don’t remember a lot of the next two days.

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My Lunch Date…

My 22 year old sent me a text this morning inviting me to lunch… He was paying. This was to good to turn down. I got to decide where we were eating. We went to a local Mexican restaurant.The waitress came to our table and of course he knew her.She gave him a hug and asked how his girlfriend was doing. I couldn’t resist I said, who’s Jenny?? with some emphasis. The girl’s eyes got big as saucers and I swear you could hear a pin drop. My son shakes his head and laughs. I told her, it was worth a try maybe he likes older women….It’s not everyday I have a cute college guy take me to lunch!!

I Love You!!!

I have 2 boys 22 and 13.My oldest never has a problem saying I💜U… He says it to me no big deal. My Baby on the other hand does..sometimes I think he does it on purpose. I say I💜U and all I get is Yeah.. OK.. or a head bob. The bigger problem is he’s too much like me……My Little Mini Me!!! I guess I’m being paid back for all the times I gave my parents hell growing up. 😅😅😅