What’s in your Purse ???

Guess what I found ???

At lunch today I decided to clean out my purse. I don’t do it often enough. Several years ago I bought one of the organizers you insert into your purse.  It makes my life easier because I LOVE to change purses a lot. I’m a Purse-aholic.

The organizers make it too easy to change. Mine has a handle on either side to take them in and out. This is the main reason I accumulate a bunch of junk. Here are some of the things I found.

  • Receipts (some I’ve looked everywhere for)
  • Tape measure (size of my palm) you never know when you need to measure something
  • A jumbo paperclip
  • Old movie stubs
  • 3 Werther’s Original Coffee Candies (for Coffee on the go)
  • An earring I lost last time I got my hair cut
  • My Son’s school supply list from this year
  • Bandaides
  • A handful of shopping lists (I still make paper list)

What’s in your purse ? I bet you would be surprised what you find. I’m sure some of you have some pretty interesting things buried at the bottom.

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